Challenge 2:
Building a new mobility ecosystem and business model


At a time of change in the automobile industry, a core industry in Aichi Prefecture, we are seeking knowledge and partners to present to the world the possibilities of a new mobility ecosystem from the perspective of citizens and communities.

Challenge Statement

Future World

How do we capture the future?
  • The automotive industry, a core industry in Aichi Prefecture, has made the mobility and life in the world closer, more convenient and more enjoyable for over 100 years. By presenting how communities , daily life and mobility should be as a single image, realization of urbanization can present new possibilities for the world.

  • At the same time, there are concerns that the trend toward urbanization, which will see 75% of the world's population living in cities by 2050, will exacerbate social issues such as traffic congestion and traffic accidents caused by cars, social disparity, air pollution, and the inefficiency in use of urban spaces.

  • Mobility have evolved to address new needs that have developed from these changes, and Aisin needs to ready itself.

  • Aisin Seiki hopes to ultimately transform itself into a all rounded company that is ready to provide products and services to both traditional automotive and new mobility businesses. 


What is the purpose of Co-Creation?
  • The challenge is to overcome the barriers that revolve around the high cost of CASE system and develop technologies that are stuck at demonstration levels to commercialisation level.

  • Specifically, the critical issue that needs to be solved is the lack of a new mobility ecosystem and business model , but not the immaturity of the technology.

Intellectual Capital

What is the potential that can be harnessed for the future?
  • Aichi Prefecture is home to a wide range of attractive venues such as Expo 2005 Aichi Memorial Park  (Moricoro Park) and the Aichi Sky Expo (International Exhibition Center), therefore providing infrastructure and opportunities for the creation of new mobility ecosystems and business models.

  • Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. has developed and commercialized a 1.5-seat electric personal mobility vehicle, ILY-Ai, which makes new ways of getting around possible.

Potential Partners

What kind of partners do we want to co-creation with?
  • Aisin Seiki want to co-create a new mobility ecosystem and business model, including ILY-Ai, with partners.

  • Aisin Seiki is engaged in value creation that goes beyond the manufacturing and sale of automotive parts, and we want to co-create a new, unprecedented challenge with our partners.

  • We want to co-create an initiative with our partners that goes beyond technical demonstration tests and provides value to citizens and communities through implementation to society.

Application Requirements

Proposal Requirements

  • Application must be included the use of Aisin Seiki's ILY-Ai electric 1.5-seater personal mobility vehicle

Assets provided by the Challenge Owner


  1. Opportunity to conduct a PoC (including provision of resources from applicant)

  2. Consideration of concluding an agreement for commercialization (based on the results of the above PoC)


Aisin Seiki
Innovation Center
General Manager
Hideyuki Aikyo

Application Closed

Thank you for your interest in participating!

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