Challenge 3:
Creation of a new model of living in the world, city and region, modeled on Minamichita Town


We seek knowledge and partners to find valuable tangible and intangible potential of Aichi Prefecture that has been integrated into native Aichi people’s lives as a ‘natural’ thing, and to give form to it and deliver it to the world.

Challenge Statement

Future World

How do we capture the future?
  • With COVID-19, the way people live in cities is being reconsidered, and at the same time, a new life model is being explored in which people can enjoy the rich nature of the community and live connected to cities using the power of digital technology.

  • Although local governments and some companies have begun to try, many Japanese companies have yet to find answers on how to implement the next generation of life models themselves in the midst of the changing times called New Normal, partly because of the differences from the traditional way of working in Japan.


What is the purpose of Co-Creation?
  • In exploring the direction of the creation of a new model of living in the New Normal after COVID-19, we believe we can take advantage of Minamichita's unique location - less than one hour to the city and 40 minutes to the Central Japan International Airport - to be able to connect to the city and the world at the same time without having to leave the region.

  • In the same way that Minamichita Town challenged the nation's first social experiment on vacant houses in collaboration with Yamato Transport, the town has a strong desire to lead initiatives in Japan to create new value for society through public-private sector co-creation in collaboration with corporations and start-ups.

  • As some enterprises become more and more willing to accept forms of employment that do not require workers to come to offices, they want to pursue the creation of a new life model called “work+vacation” after COVID-19 that can be developed in Japan and Asia while taking advantage of the strengths of Minami-Chita Town.

Intellectual Capital

What is the potential that can be harnessed for the future?

We would like to involve local stakeholders and visualize the potential value of Minamichita Town's various local resources and tourism resources (location surrounded by the sea, marine products, remote islands just 10 minutes from the sea, lodgings, vacant houses, etc.) as a strength.

We would like to combine cutting-edge knowledge (technology/service/business model) of Japan and Singapore with this and challenge the creation of a new way of working and living that has been explored simultaneously in the world since COVID-19.

Potential Partners

What kind of partners do we want to co-creation with?

We want to co-creation with partners with various strengths, ranging from players who provide ICT solutions to realize a way of working that connects the world, urban centers and regions, to co-creation with partners who can enter the local area and maximize the value of the local experience by utilizing various local resources and tourism resources, such as tourist spots, local specialties, local stakeholders in the tourism industry and vacant houses.

Application Requirements

We are open to applications that match the content of the challenge statement.

Unprecedented challenges and ideas are also welcome!

Assets provided by the Challenge Owner


  • Conducting joint social experiments in collaboration with the public and private sectors


Kazuhiko Ishiguro

  • Minamichita Town Mayor

  • He has become the town mayor since 2011, the 50th anniversary of the town, after working as a representative of a private company and a member of the town council.

  • He promotes the reform of Minamichita Town with the slogan "Let's make the most livable town in Japan by cooperating with local governments and private sectors!"

Junpei Takada

  • Planning Division Manager, Planning Department

  • He joined Minamichita Town Office since 1994.

  • He has been in his current position since 2019.

  • In addition to important planning and comprehensive coordination, he has also involved in town promotion.

Kenta Tsutsumida

  • Unit Head of Traffic and Crime Prevention, Disaster prevention and Safety Division, General Affairs Department

  • He joined Minamichita Town Office since 2010.

  • He has been in his current position since 2019.

  • In addition to measures related to traffic safety and crime prevention, he takes measures for vacant houses of dangerous situations.

Application Closed

Thank you for your interest in participating!

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