Challenge 4:
Pursuing the possibilities of a Smart Sustainable City based on the airport


From the perspective of the airport as a starting point for communicating the possibilities and attractions of Aichi Prefecture to Japan and the rest of the world, we seek knowledge and partners to lead the Smart Sustainable City for Aichi by maximizing the value of the airport as a "place".

Challenge Statement

Future World & Vision

How do we capture the future? What is the purpose of Co-Creation?

Centrair Vision 2027

"Centrair makes the future happen."

Individuals and businesses today work on a global scale, growing their networks, broadening their horizons and expanding their activities. To serve our customers, we strive for ever-higher performance, building on Centrair’s record of world-class safety, security, and customer service.

We will make Centrair into much more than just an airport.

We will exceed expectations in every way.

We will deepen our engagement with local businesses, communities and individuals, empowering them to achieve their goals on the international stage by leveraging the full capabilities of Centrair.

As Centrair employees, we always put customers first, bringing new convenience to their travels, their lives and their business ventures. Together, let’s keep making the future happen. Tomorrow is waiting.

Central Japan International Airport would like to pursue the following directions in this challenge through co-creation:

  • - Post/with COVID19 Era of New Airport Development to become a digitalised airport where new technologies are utilised to transform the entire user experience. 
  • - Some examples of the utilisation of technologies include creating digital twins, robotics and security and passenger flow analytics 
  • - Sending original local content from Centrair to Japan and the world
  • - A showcase venue for innovation and world-leading technologies
  • - Providing airport visitors with a new experience through a combination of real and digital

Intellectual Capital

What is the potential that can be harnessed for the future?
  • Key qualities of world class airport. Previously voted the best regional airport in the world at the World Airport Awards 2020.

  • Aichi Sky Expo, a 60,000-square-meter international exhibition center in Aichi Prefecture, is a venue for experiments in cutting-edge technology and innovation.

  • The "Flight of Dreams" airplane theme park and other entertainment facilities at the airport provide visitors with an exciting experience.

  • A retail shop that serves as a platform for disseminating original regional content to the world, such as the Sorano Sake Brewery, through the CHITA CAT project and other projects in collaboration with local governments and private companies.

  • A network infrastructure that connects the airport to the revitalization of the surrounding area

Potential Partners

What kind of partners do we want to co-creation with?
  • Partners (retail, design, fintech, etc.) who empathize with the ideal of the airport as a gateway between Aichi Prefecture and the world and are willing to take on the challenge of co-creation.

  • Partners who are willing to enhance the attractiveness of airports (entertainment, gaming, mobility, etc.) by viewing them as places that offer new experiences to visitors, rather than just transit points of travel.

Application Requirements

We are open to applications that match the content of the challenge statement.

Unprecedented challenges and ideas are also welcome!

Assets provided by the Challenge Owner


“The World’s Best Regional Airport” - 1st Place for 6 consecutive years

(2019 visitor results)

  1. Passengers: 12,600,471 (International: 6,198,137, Domestic: 6,402,334)

  2. Non-passengers: 14,768,000 (including departing passengers)


  1. Opportunity to conduct a PoC (including provision of resources from applicant)

  2. Consideration of concluding an agreement for commercialization (based on the results of the above PoC)


Yutaka Miyashita

  • 2020: Strategic Promotion, Smart Technology Division

  • 2017-2020: Strategic Promotion, Corporate Planning Division

  • 2015-2017: Event & Promotion, Retail & Business Development Division

  • 2010-2015: Business Development Division

Masahisa Ichino

  • 2020: Strategic Promotion, Smart Technology Division

  • 2015-2020: Strategic Promotion,  Corporate Planning Division

  • 2013-2015: Information & Customer Service Division

  • 2009-2013: Human Resources General Affairs Division

Application Closed

Thank you for your interest in participating!

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