Based on the dialogue toward Aichi Prefecture to become the Smart Sustainable City, the following 12 companies and 13 projects were selected in the Co-Creation Session.
Challenge 1: "True DX" from Aichi Prefecture, a manufacturing center
Company Name Location Summary Co., Ltd Fukuoka City Promoting health management through using the wearable devices and other IoT devices. Singapore Optimizing cutting conditions and quality inspections with AI as a Service strength in image recognition and language processing.
CAWIL.AI Philippines Improving quality inspection with AI as s Service specializing in image recognition(tagging/automation, etc.) Co., Ltd

Challenge 2: Building a new mobility ecosystem and business model
Company Name Location Summary
NPO Nagaiku Nagakute City Mobility-based solutions for childcare and remote working in a wide park.
Yajantech Taiwan Crossing Mobility with AR and VR to create new customer experience services.
Aimatix (Shared with Theme 4) Singapore Developing the service to automate and optimate people movement and transporting luggage at airports.
NPO Nagaiku
Aimatix (Shared with Theme 4)

Challenge 3: Creation of a new model of living in the world, city and region, modeled on Minamichita Town
Company Name Location Summary
Yaotomi Nagoya City Establishing a system for mass-producing high functional vegetables using technology to create a major industry for organic vegetables in Minamichita.
ANA Holdings Inc. Tokyo Minato-ku Building a new model for generating a new population by combining the company's assets with those of local governments.
UNIADEX, Ltd. Tokyo Koto-ku Creating a new lifestyle model for the with COVID-19 in Minamichita Town by turning vacant houses into remote working place and community hubs, also utilizing their data.
Qlue Indonesia Operating a smart city platform in Minamichita Town that manages citizens, industry and government with the powered of mobile participation and AI.
ANA Holdings Inc.

Challenge 4: Pursuing the possibilities of a smart sustainable city based on the airport
Company Name Location Summary
Power Wave Aichi Toyohashi-city Challenging the social implementation of wireless power supply, which can be used for robots used in airports.
H2L Tokyo Minato-ku Developing a tourism experience service with body sharing technology that can transmit body movements in remote areas.
Aimatix (Shared with Theme 2) Singapore Developing the service to automate and optimate people movement and transporting luggage at airports.
Power Wave
Aimatix (Shared with Theme 2)

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